Microsoft Power Platform

Power Virtual Agents

Create, test and publish, using AI-powered automation and a collaborative, low-code graphical user interface, powerful bots.

Process requests with the help of dialog-enabled bots

Deploy bots quickly and easily!

Respond quickly to customer and employee requests by creating low-code, intelligent, conversational bots with Power Virtual Agents.


Microsoft Power Virtual Agents

Increase efficiency through AI-powered chatbots

Simplify interactions using chatbots

Interact with your customers and employees in multiple languages on websites, via mobile apps, Facebook, Microsoft Teams, and other channels powered by the Azure Bot Framework.

Secure scaling due to centralized management

Deploy your bots, securely and in compliance with all regulatory requirements, using centralized management, built-in security roles, and easy administration across multiple channels.

Active support for your employees

Take the pressure off your employees by integrating chatbots into apps and services you use every day. Automate the creation of FAQs and make them available on multiple channels.