Building a resilient supply chain

Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management

Create an adaptive supply chain that automatically responds to change by leveraging real-time visibility, flexible scheduling, and service continuity.

Strengthen your operational continuity and sustainability

Work with flexible and predictive processes!

Create a more resilient and sustainable supply chain with an open, collaborative and secure supply chain platform to meet your business and customer commitments.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management

Crisis proofing for your supply chain

supply chain

Open, extensible and adaptive ecosystem

Unified, flexible procurement and delivery processes

High compatibility with existing system


Predictive, AI-powered procurement management

Determine performance using AI-powered performance tracking

No-cost, secure communication with suppliers

Efficiency and productivity

Cost savings through automated applications

Fail-safe operation through centralized maintenance management

Optimized capacity utilization through AI-supported production planning

Some highlights at a glance

  • High compatibility with existing systems:
    Connect existing systems with one platform to make all information visible and adapt quickly to changes.
  • Unified, flexible procurement and supply processes:
    Create end-to-end supply chain processes to increase and simplify efficient collaboration with suppliers and customers.
  • AI-powered demand planning:
    Avoid supply and production bottlenecks, through predictive, AI-powered procurement management.
  • Customize your supply chain processes:
    Improve your business operations, by creating custom applications and processes, without programming skills.
  • Intelligent sales planning:
    Improve your demand forecasts, using AI-powered processing of your historical data, from all sales channels.
  • Optimized production planning:
    Improve quality and asset utilization, with the help of AI-driven production planning.
  • Near real-time performance analysis:
    Evaluate, with the help of AI-powered recommendations, the key performance factors of your supply chain to react quickly to changes.
  • Efficient warehouse management:
    Optimize and automate, key operations such as material handling, staffing, and throughput to keep your operational costs low.
  • Increased downtime reliability:
    Increase your production quality by predicting necessary maintenance more accurately, avoiding costly downtime.
  • Workplace safety and productivity:
    Increase the safety and qualification of your production staff with the help of holographic work instructions, while reducing errors.