Increasing sales success

Dynamics 365 Sales

Increase your revenue by using a collaborative, insight-based solution to simplify communication with your customers and target sales activities.

Merge and actively promote sales activities

Make it easier for your customers to make buying decisions!

Connect your sales teams and customers through their preferred communication channels and optimize your sales activities, using customer-based and AI-powered sales proposals.



Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales

Shaping customer relationships efficiently

Customer-related sales activities

Prioritization of your customers and priority activities

Use of customer-oriented communication channels

Targeted sales actions through AI-supported suggestions

Profound sales management

AI-supported forecasts of sales probabilities

Data transparency through overview of current sales in real time

Data-based suggestions for increasing sales

Simplified sales processes

Process-oriented adaptation to specific roles

Benefit-oriented customization of integrated AI logics

Individual configuration of your sales processes

Some highlights at a glance

  • Reliable planning:
    Strengthen targeted planning of your activities and focus, by providing real-time AI-powered analytics of individual and collective pipelines for accurate, experience-based forecasting.
  • Up-to-the-minute revenue visibility:
    Monitor revenue trends and probabilities, using AI-powered revenue visibility across all sales channels, to prioritize activities and promotions with the best chance of sales success.
  • Actively support your sales teams:
    Increase the efficiency of your sales reps in phone sales calls by providing real-time information on buying motives, customer sentiments, priorities, and more.
  • Rapid onboarding of new reps:
    Support new sales reps by providing lessons learned by analyzing previous reps' actions that they have developed and successfully applied based on customer feedback.
  • Customer-friendly communication channels:
    Strengthen your customer relationships by, with the help of Microsoft Teams and Dynamics 365 Sales, connecting your customers and sales teams and creating personalized, customer-friendly communication channels.
  • Accelerate buying decisions:
    Make it easier for your customers to make buying decisions by bringing in appropriate experts from across the organization in real time to provide comprehensive answers and information when they have questions or queries.