Smart applications

Artificial intelligence (AI)

Use the capabilities of artificial intelligence to respond quickly and efficiently to changing requirements with the help of intelligent automation mechanisms.

Weak and strong AI

In general, a distinction is made between these two types:

Weak AI
includes systems that can replace cognitive abilities previously considered purely human and thus solve predefined tasks. For example, systems that can recognize images or convert spoken language into text.

Strong AI includes systems that achieve or even surpass human capabilities in various areas. Such systems recognize problems independently and examine them systematically in order to arrive at a solution.

Azure Applied AI Services

Rapidly deploy AI solutions for common business processes

Azure Bot Service

Design, create, and connect bots across channels

Azure Cognitive Search

Add AI-driven content search to applications

Azure Cognitive Services

Extend applications with cognitive functions using APIs

Azure Machine Learning

Develop, train and deploy machine learning models

Azure OpenAI Service

Implement advanced language models for different use cases