Optimized financial management

Dynamics 365 Finance

Financial management. HR management. Project management.


Maximize financial transparency and profitability

Increase the agility and growth of your business!

Monitor all your financial operations in real time, forecast future results, and make data-driven decisions.


Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance

Efficient financial management

Clearly arranged insights

Intuitive, role-based workspaces

Intelligent budgeting and forecasting

Comprehensive reporting and analysis

Simplified and enhanced processes

Automate credit and collections

Increase and simplify revenue generation

Optimized and flexible invoicing

Fulfilling global requirements

Comply with country-specific tax regulations

Customize business documents cost-effectively

Meet global compliance requirements

Some highlights at a glance

  • Accurate cash flow forecasts:
    Actively monitor your cash flow and better identify current and future trends.
  • Increase liquidity:
    Increase your cash flow by reliably predicting your customers' payment behavior.
  • Increase efficiency:
    Reduce time and effort, with the help of intelligent budget proposal features.
  • Automated workflow:
    Save time and labor costs, with the help of automated invoice reconciliation.
  • Reduce Outstanding Accounts:
    Reduce, with the help of automated collections, credit risk and outstanding receivables.
  • Make informed decisions:
    Gain enterprise-wide insights by connecting your data and processes from Dynamics 365 and partner applications.
  • Efficient scalability:
    Rapidly and cost-effectively roll out new product lines and subsidiaries, by adopting proven configurations.
  • Innovative sustainability:
    Automate complex billing methods for recurring revenue, by leveraging subscription billing.
  • Meet legal requirements:
    Simplify tax calculations, electronic billing, and more, through managed, rules-based charts of accounts.
  • Simplify expansion:
    Meet local and global compliance requirements, through instant usability of over 40 country/region settings and over 50 languages.