Document Management

windream - DMS

Whether in the home office, on the road, or in the office and no matter which terminal device you are using at the moment, with windream, there are no limits to the availability of your electronical documents!

Managing documents, files, and media files efficiently.

One DMS for all requirements!

Regardless of what types of documents you want to archive in an audit-proof manner. From classic office documents, to audio and video files, photos and CAD drawings.


Highlights at a glance

Everything is safely stored in windream!

And, you can find any document within seconds, as the DMS is able to identify the desired document ad hoc without any time delay, based on the index data assigned to a document.


Location and time-independent access to your desired information.

With the new windream Dynamic Workspace and the mobile apps, you are not bound to your workplace in the office. You can freely decide from where and with which device you want to access your data!


Conformity within the framework of compliance with all current legislation.

Compliance with all tax and data protection regulations. For document management as well as for archiving and data deletion after expiry of the retention periods!


Protection against unauthorized access, through a sophisticated rights concept.

Use the individually definable rights concept to determine which employees are allowed to access folders and documents and thus protect your electronic documents from unauthorized access or deletion.

2 IN 1

Document management and long-term archive integrated in one product.

In the windream software, both a powerful document management and a secure and reliable long-term archive for legally compliant archiving are already included by default!


Full integration with Windows, through patented technologies.

The typical functions for document management, are all integrated into Windows or Explorer, allowing you to work as usual, without having to learn a new desktop!


High user-friendliness and acceptance, due to the familiar working environment.

After integrating the windream drive into the Windows Explorer, all commands for executing DMS-specific functions are carried out via the context menu of the Explorer and the file properties of the documents.