Exceptional service

Dynamics 365 Field Service

Set new standards and delight your customers with the quality of your services by providing proactive and predictive service.

Satisfied customers, through forward-looking services

Offer your customers a special service!

Promote the trust and loyalty of your customers by using IoT sensors to detect faults remotely at an early stage and eliminate them in a targeted manner.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Field Service

Improved services


Increase first-time fix rates and employee productivity by:

Leveraging intelligent routing

Integrating IoT into service and production

Remote support in real time, with the help of mixed reality

Planning services effectively

Make it easier for your dispatchers to organize your services with:

Integrated tools to optimize planning

Deposited schedules for compliance with SLA's

Forecasts of travel time and expected work duration

Manage machines more efficiently

Manage machines using IoT to best reduce downtime.

Determine locations and locations of assets

Monitor your assets continuously with up-to-date data

Optimize your maintenance work with the help of IoT data

Some highlights at a glance

  • Optimized service planning:
    Reduce effort while increasing the efficiency of your service calls, by using AI-powered scheduling recommendations and manual, partially or fully automated scheduling of your service work.
  • Proactive services:
    With the help of IoT sensors, detect faults remotely and fix them proactively, even before your customers become aware of them and have to request necessary service work themselves.
  • Customer-centric service offerings:
    Meet your customers' expectations, through optimized scheduling of your service activities, high on-time delivery and provide information on the current location and arrival of service staff.
  • Increase customer loyalty:
    Offer your customers the ability to schedule service appointments themselves and gain information about customer satisfaction, through automated, personalized customer surveys after service work is completed.
  • Increase productivity:
    Use Field Service to capture asset data through inspections and, via Dynamics 365 Remote Assist and other mixed reality tools, provide remote expert support to technical staff in real time.
  • Ideal resource utilization:
    Enable your dispatchers to more quickly analyze the allocation of service work to the nearest qualified service personnel by providing comprehensive dashboards, thereby increasing their fisrt-time-fix rates.