Finding solutions

Process Consulting

Business software applications offer you the greatest benefit when they optimally map and efficiently support the defined business processes in your company.

Reduced to the max!

In order not to overload your project and thereby drive up costs unnecessarily, we support you in prioritizing the information brought in from the individual departments and only including necessary requirements in the catalog of measures.

Maximum benefit

Solutions that fit your needs

Analyze and rethink business processes and benefits!

We support you in analyzing existing business processes and creating meaningful documentation that can be used as a basis for process optimization and defining the applications in question.

Our 7-i Model

For the successful digitization of your company

Initialize. Investigate. In depth. Increment. Implement. Inspect. Increase.

With the help of the maturity model for Industry 4.0, we determine the current state of your company, derive meaningful measures from this and implement them successfully with you step by step.


Get an overview of your business processes.


Evaluation using the maturity model..

In depth

Process analysis according to maturity model.


Pointing out the optimization potentials.


Digitization of the elaborated processes.


Review using the maturity model.


Digital transformation of your company.