Gain valuable insights

Internet of things (IoT)

Take advantage of the opportunity to use IoT technologies to evolve your business operations, products, and customer experiences through connected devices.

Usable data

IoT is one of the key technologies of digital transformation!

From manufacturing to transportation to retail, the IoT is already being used successfully!

Once received data has been analyzed, it can be transformed into meaningful, actionable insights to help you evolve processes, products and customer experiences.

Capture. Analyze. Utilize.

From edge to cloud

Build and develop industry-specific cloud solutions on the single platform with intelligent edge-to-cloud technologies that already integrate security, privacy, and compliance.

Benefit from the industry's largest ecosystem

Solve industry-specific needs with edge-to-cloud solutions by accessing the entire Microsoft Cloud ecosystem and deploying hundreds of proven solutions for unique business workflows.

Automate processes using edge AI

Improve productivity and efficiency while reducing costs by delivering near real-time, data-driven processes for latency-sensitive applications and special use cases.

Build applications with best-in-class tools

Thanks to Azure's open approach, you can connect and manage numerous edge devices on one platform, or create and integrate flexible solutions very easily using solid platform services.

Keep everything in view on a single view

With a comprehensive management platform for all your edge devices, you can securely connect, provision, manage, update, and monitor them throughout their lifecycle.

Protect your entire organization with Azure

Whether hardware, software or cloud, secure your data assets by creating with open, flexible and scalable IT and technology solutions with end-to-end security, from chip to cloud.