Strengthen customer relationships

Dynamics 365 Marketing

Attract new customers and deepen existing relationships by creating personalized, holistic customer experiences across all communication channels.

Create positive customer experiences through personalization

Create a buzz with your customers!

Create personalized content using AI-driven recommendations to communicate and interact with your customers across all areas of your business.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Marketing

Holistic customer experiences

Consistent customer experiences

Cross-departmental collaboration and interaction

Consistent content across multiple channels

Personalized customer targeting at the point of interaction

AI-powered personalization

Personalized messages with automated content creation

Efficient email creation with AI-driven email editor

Increased customer engagement through use of AI-generated content

Intensified customer relationships

Personalized contact histories for customer interactions

Interlocking contact histories, with the help of real-time interactions

Interaction with customers, with the help of AI-driven recommendations

Some highlights at a glance

  • Address the right target group:
    Create with the segment generator, areas for contacts and potential customers, no matter how complex the targeting criteria.
  • Attract loyal customers:
    Create customized contact histories based on customer demographics and behavior patterns, bringing together experience and insights from marketing, commerce, sales, and service.
  • Personalized customer touchpoints:
    Interact with your customers, using AI-powered tools such as the email editor, and generate AI-powered personalized content to build customer loyalty.
  • Collaborate across the contact journey:
    Enable marketing, sales, service, or other customer-facing teams to drive impactful interactions. Search, filter, and view all marketing activity in real time on a unified timescale.
  • Nurture customer relationships:
    Send regular newsletters, transactional emails, and on-time customized notifications. Score individual leads, or run customer-focused marketing campaigns to best target your sales activities.
  • Make the most of events:
    Simplify event and webinar planning. Engage attendees before, during, and after the event to drive interest and demand, and present world-class webinars with Microsoft Teams.
  • Put your customers first:
    Deliver engaging, personalized customer experiences, across digital channels and marketing, sales, and service interactions. Engage with your customers when they want, through their preferred communication channels, using AI-driven recommendations.