Customer-focused shopping experiences

Dynamics 365 Commerce

Promote long-term and sustainable customer relationships with the help of intelligent tools and thereby strengthen your brand and the success of your company.

Unified Commerce - uniform, consistent, personalized.

Provide a consistent shopping experience for your customers!

Unify online, in-store, call center, and back-office experiences to personalize customer interactions, increase employee productivity, and streamline store operations.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Commerce

Exceeding customer expectations

Making optimum use of sales channels

Incorporating traditional and new sales channels

Providing end-to-end, personalized shopping experiences

Linking all sales channels on a central platform

Strengthening customer relationships

Increased customer loyalty, through AI-supported functions

Convenient shopping experiences, through high usability

Higher customer service, through reliable back-office processes

Sustainability with
KI support

Generate more sales through optimized cross-selling

Increased conversion rate, through intelligent product search

AI-based product recommendations, increase customer loyalty

Some highlights at a glance

  • Customer-centric shopping experiences:
    Provide your customers with a consistent, personalized, and end-to-end shopping experience, by dovetailing all sales channels.
  • Increase customer loyalty:
    Increase customer loyalty by enabling user-friendly and personalized shopping experiences and intensifying interactions with your customers, with the help of AI-driven chatbots. 
  • Increase per capita revenue:
    Generate, with optimized cross-selling features, higher purchase volume per customer by offering, with the help of AI-powered features, personalized product selection.
  • Expanded product offering:
    Give customers full access to your entire product portfolio, both in brick-and-mortar stores and online, regardless of inventory or location.
  • Optimized product search:
    Make it easier for your customers to find the products they want by leveraging the intelligent, contextual product search provided by Azure Cognitive Search. 
  • Centralized sales enablement management:
    Manage their promotional activities centrally across all sales channels, organized by store, product assortment, or customer affiliation, and benefit from accurate, real-time data on sales and costs across channels.
  • Clear customer insights:
    Use Customer Insights to obtain, with a single view, information about transactions made or research and usage patterns of your customers.
  • Optimized customer service:
    Win satisfied customers by establishing reliable, AI-powered back-office processes and handling customer inquiries in a fast, non-bureaucratic, and personalized way.
  • Efficiently support your employees:
    Help your employees sell and foster long-term customer relationships by providing AI-powered recommendations, insights, and loyalty programs.