Microsoft Power Platform

Power Pages

Quickly create and launch customized low-coded business websites, unify your data, and connect customers to important information and services.

Quickly create secure and low-code business websites

Professional solutions in no time!

Create external corporate websites to encourage interaction with your customers. Securely store and manage your data by sharing Power Pages with other Microsoft Power Platform products.

Microsoft Power Pages

Safe, simple, fast and individual

Ensure security of website content

Manage your websites from a convenient dashboard and meet the highest security and compliance requirements with role-based access controls and Microsoft Azure compliance and governance features.

Easy and fast creation of web pages

Design your pages with forms and lists for text, video, images, and business data, and use ready-to-use templates for effortless creation, or create customizable, individual pages.

Individual optimization of your web pages

Provide your development teams with richer features, with advanced web design tools, such as Visual Studio Code, GitHub and Azure DevOps to give your websites that extra edge.