Unlimited possibilities

Microsoft Power Platform in Azure

Accelerate your development with little code - analyze data, build apps, automate processes and create virtual agents, faster than ever before.

Microsoft Power Platform in Azure

Even better together

Build production-ready apps with less code, faster, and at lower cost with Power Apps and Azure.

Automate business processes with out-of-the-box connectors, built-in solutions for common use cases, and easy drag-and-drop functionality.

Use services like Azure API Management and Azure Functions to scale and extend your apps and respond quickly to changes.

Meet business requirements more quickly

  • Accelerate the creation of web-based or mobile front-ends, or automate workflows, using the drag-and-drop designer, without setting up a separate development environment.
  • Use pre-built UX components and implement AI features, without prior knowledge of machine learning.
  • Easily store, standardize, and protect different types of data to develop apps that work across data.
  • After developing your apps, you can deploy them to iOS, Android, Windows, and web environments with one click.

Development cost reduction

  • According to a Total Economic Impact™ study commissioned by Microsoft and conducted by Forrester Consulting, the average cost of developing an app is 74 percent lower with Power Apps.
  • Leverage features like chatbots and geosensitive maps to reduce the need for development and maintenance resources.
  • Low-code solutions and automation tools make enhancements to ERP systems more cost-effective.

Seamless app management

  • Automate repetitive tasks involved in building apps on the platform with Microsoft Power Platform Build Tools.
  • Protect and control your apps running in Power Apps and Azure more easily with Azure Security Services.
  • Streamline application lifecycle management (ALM) via GitHub Actions, using the Power Platform connector, built-in CI/CD support, and interoperability with Azure Pipelines.

Easily extend and connect apps

  • Smooth integration and extensibility
  • Develop rich and customized features that make your apps stand out using Azure API Management.
  • Leverage the CLI built into Visual Studio Code to extend your apps with fully customizable, reusable components.
  • Standard hyperscale, with low-latency access to data supported by Azure processing power.
  • Use standard connectors available for 450 external data sources and legacy systems such as SAP, ServiceNow, Workday and Salesforce.