To simplify your
business processes

Understanding correlations Recognizing potential Finding solutions

Solutions for retail

Offer your customers the special shopping experience by creating seamlessly connected buying options with innovative and intelligent business applications. Build long-term customer relationships through intuitive, responsive tools.

Solutions for manufacturing

Strengthen your production and drive innovation by connecting data and systems. Use real-time data to create exceptional customer service and gain more loyal and satisfied customers.

Powerful and flexible

Microsoft Dynamics 365

For a successful digital transformation

Connect people, data, processes and teams across the enterprise, with intelligent business applications!

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Great collaboration. Strong solutions.

Why it is a good decision to work with us?

This question is easy to answer!
An answer right at the beginning: Yes, we are not the biggest fish in the tank! But the smaller ones are fast, agile, resourceful and can work especially well as a team!

We see it as your avantage, that

  • we are one of the last of our kind:
    owner-managed, self-determined, customer-oriented.
  • we focus on flat hierarchies and personal customer relationships:
    clearly defined contact persons, short ways and fast reaction times.
  • we have extensive know-how:
    many years of industry experience in the areas of ERP and CRM for trading and manufacturing companies, using the Microsoft product worlds.
  • solutions instead of sales are in the foreground:
    we do not have to answer to any, primarily profit-oriented investor group or large corporation!
  • we focus on honest, fair partnerships:
    Performance and cost transparency is our promise to you, and we keep our promises!

It is not the strongest species that survives, nor the most intelligent, it is the one most able to adapt to change!

// Charles Darwin