More flexibility, efficiency and transparency

Digitization as a factor for success

React faster to new situations and master crises, through a successful digitization of your company.

The pandemic period made it visible

Great need for SMEs to catch up

The study / Made in Austria - Produktionsarbeit in Österreich 2021 / by the Fraunhofer Institute shows that the pandemic has brought about significant changes among companies.

Small and medium-sized companies have been particularly affected by the negative impact, while many large companies have even been able to benefit from the crisis and have only seen weak declines in sales.

Procurement via multiple, smaller suppliers

The study also looks at the procurement side. Here it was shown that large organizations are increasingly relying on many and - in addition now also local - suppliers. This makes sense insofar as it makes them less dependent on interruptions in the global supply chains. Digital networking creates greater transparency here.

SMEs had organized their purchasing through many different channels before the pandemic. Now, small and medium-sized companies are procuring more often via dual and global sourcing. This is at odds with the logical development, because global supply chains have proven to be unreliable and problematic.

Rethinking and seizing opportunities

New business models and revenue potentials

Successful digitization can not only help to improve and automate business processes, it also enables new, modern forms of work. In this way, you increase productivity on the one hand and the attractiveness of your company on the other!



  • Increased productivity, through optimized business processes
  • Improved decision-making processes, through increased information transparency
  • Promotion of innovations, through company-wide networking
  • Flexible job offers, through optimized communication processes
  • Cost savings, through the possibility of home offices
  • Development of new sales potential, through automated marketing
  • Increased customer loyalty, through improved customer service